Why quantastat

Reduce first responder triage time, track patients, and access relevant situational information in real time as it develops.


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QuantaSTAT offers tools to

  • Optimize victim care
  • Improve equipment utilization
  • React in real-time to changing conditions during multi-casualty incidents and routine activities wherever they occur around the world.

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Powerful Features

QuantaSTAT is designed for the challenges First Responders face in the race to provide better care, more effectively. To us, your team is one of society’s most critical assets and every tool you use must be designed to maximize reliability, effectiveness, and ease of use under high stress conditions.

Choose QuantaSTAT's award-winning platform for its value, keep it for its excellence


Your data + communication platform

  • All updates automatically available to administrators via web-based dashboard
  • Ability to bulk-import user, asset, and location data
  • Customized pin icons based on patient or equipment status, category, or other admin-specified condition
  • REST APIs allow real-time integration with customer systems and 3rd party platforms



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QuantaSTAT’s unique functions in the field

  • Ability to track patients and equipment with or without dedicated hardware
  • Instant notifications when conditions change, e.g. equipment is relocated or patient’s condition worsens
  • Image and video capture of patients or assets
  • Medical professionals can communicate in real time through dedicated chat channels
  • First responders can quickly and easily submit patient triage and assessment info via tapping screen with gloved knuckles or via voice dictation


Invaluable data gathering and querying tool

  • All “posts” include customer-defined fields, ensuring the right information is captured 
  • Posted information is stored in a data repository, which can be filtered by field value or tag
  • All data can also be accessed by opening location “pins” on the QuantaSTAT map

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