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Inventory Tracking


  • Seamlessly update asset’s location
  • One-click barcode scanning
  • Real time update of inventory database
  • All inventory displayed on explorable map
  • Instant notification to stakeholders

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Inventory Tracking Med IQ
Win channel- Med IQ

Sales Optimization

  • Win Channel
  • Consultants share best practices
  • Drives friendly competition
  • Capture actionable data
  • Real time communication between sales team and management

On-Site Data Capture

  • Document and share instant case feedback
  • Track competitive equipment being utilized
  • Analyze current surgery times vs. post conversion times
On-Site Data Capture
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Clinical Data Capture

  • Increase adherence with in-app notifications
  • Safety - track adverse events
  • Document efficacy
  • Capture when therapeutics are administered
  • Discover correlations to positive or adverse events


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