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An easy to use health monitoring tool, QuantaSTAT Team Health helps you get back to work and keep your team healthy.

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Team Health
pandemic driven economy
We now live in a
pandemic driven economy
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It's time to get your team
back in action.
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Provide peace of mind
by reducing exposure.

Empower Your Team

A successful COVID-19 mitigation strategy requires team members to make the choice to opt-in. Team Health gives your team members the tools they need to stay healthy and safe returning to work.

Build Trust

Team Health helps leaders demonstrate that they are taking each team member's health seriously and providing them tools to keep them safe.

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Privacy Preserving

QuantaSTAT Team Health's HIPAA compliant platform protects the private health data of team members.

Team Health Features

Daily Symptom Tracking

Team members report their symptoms everyday from home.

Easy to Use Mobile App

Team Health's mobile app is built with simplicity in mind.

Digital Triage

Employers can easily monitor each team member's health status through the management portal.

HIPAA Compliant

Team Health's HIPAA compliant platform puts privacy first and protects health data.

Automated Reporting to Management

Employers are automatically notified of any changes in a team member's health status.

Track Vitals using Wearables

Team Health provides optional integration with wearable devices and automatically updates vitals in-app.

Fast and Low-Cost Implementation

Team Health can be accessed through either a web browser or the mobile app. No upfront investment or need for additional hardware.

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Daily Health Clearance

Team members are given a Daily Health Clearance based on their symptoms. Employers are able to see a team member's health status and respond accordingly.

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Telemedicine Support

Symptomatic or potentially exposed team members are provided a telemedicine appointment at home. If indicated they will receive a self-administered COVID-19 test kit at their home. HIPAA compliance allows team members to connect to health care providers directly.

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Opt-In Features

We recognize the importance of privacy. Each team member is in control of what information is shared and able to opt-in at each step.

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Barcode Scanning for Self-Test Kits

Validate tests and receive test results directly in the Team Health app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The future of organizational health 

Mitigate the risk of exposure by clearing team members before they leave home each morning.

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