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A HIPAA compliant COVID-19 symptom monitoring tool. QuantaSTAT 360 is an automated, easy to use application to track symptom reporting daily for proper follow up.

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Watch how QuantaSTAT Symptom Reporting helps      to monitor and mitigate COVID-19

A successful COVID-19 mitigation strategy requires team members to make the choice to opt-in. QuantaSTAT 360 gives your team members the tools they need to escalate follow up, to stay home, and/or to safely return to work.

Easy to Use Mobile App

COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking

QuantaSTAT 360 helps leaders demonstrate that they are taking each team member's health seriously and providing them tools to keep them safe

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Automated Reporting to Management

Automatic notification in any changes in a user's health status. 

Fast and Low-Cost Implementation

QuantaSTAT 360 can be accessed through either a web browser or the mobile app. No upfront investment or need for additional hardware.

Daily Health Clearance

Daily Health Clearance

Users are given a Daily Health Clearance based on their symptoms.  Administrators are able to see a user's health status and respond accordingly.

Daily Health Clearance

Telemedicine Support

Symptomatic or potentially exposed team members are provided a telemedicine appointment at home. If indicated they will receive a self-administered COVID-19 test kit at their home. HIPAA compliance allows team members to connect to health care providers directly.

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COVID-19 Test and Vaccination Tracking

Keep track of who has been vaccinated and when a second dose is needed. Team members are able to securely report test results through the app.

COVID-19 Test and Vaccination Tracking

Barcode Scanning for Self-Test Kits

Validate tests and receive test results directly in the QuantaSTAT for Teams app.

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Technology to Facilitate a Safe Return to the Office 

Moving forward, offices will look and function differently. In this guide, you’ll learn about the software you’ll need to help safely reopen your workplace while also gaining data for contact tracing, employee status, and the real-time need to change up schedules as necessary.

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